Our Landfill Services

Wollert Landfill has an EPA Licence (ES12309) to accept waste. This includes:


Putrescible Waste Waste from homes, councils, commercial and industrial premises, except prescribed industrial waste.
Solid Inert Waste All types.
Asbestos All types, including from buildings or insulation. Please review our Asbestos Handling Requirements.
Contaminated Soil (Category C) Soils contaminated by industrial processes and that are classified as "low level."


Small vehicles carrying household and garden waste are also accepted at our transfer station.


Recycling Services

Our transfer station conducts recycling for a range of objects and materials:


  • Engine oil in domestic quantities (maximum of twenty litres per person)
  • Car batteries
  • Truck and car tyres (charges apply, as tyres must be removed from site)
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic bottles and cans
  • All metals
  • e-Waste
Our Location

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