Winners of the Landfill Gold Excellence Award

Hanson's Wollert Landfill were announced as the recipients of the Gold Excellence Award in the Landfill Division of the 2009 Waste Management Association of Australia Awards.


Wollert received the award on the basis of several extensive environmental initiatives undertaken at the landfill. This includes:


  • Operating as a bio-reactor with leachate recirculated back into the waste, resulting in ninety percent of methane gas generated on-site being recycled as an alternative source of energy.This equates to approximately ten million cubic metres of methane and which is being used to general thirty-three million kilowatt hours of electricity, or enough energy to power 4000 homes.
  • A carbon-footprint study currently being undertaken at the landfill to identify and monitor reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • A lining system that uses a combination of two-millimetre thick High Density Polyethylene and one-metre thick compacted clay to provide long-term protection and quality assurance for the local groundwater supply.
  • A five-year research program which has resulted in a permit from the EPA to revegetate quarry scalps with local native trees and grasses. 


The award was judged by three landfill experts; Professor David Moy, John Cook and Trevor Hockley. Each commended Wollert for its commitment to environmental practices, including its management of greenhouse gas emissions.

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