Abestos Requirements
  • All asbestos must be double-wrapped in heavy-grade builder's plastic (0.2mm thickness), with the joints taped.
  • Household asbestos must be brought to a special bin at our Transfer Station and be contained within packages that can be lifted by one person into the bin.
  • Commercial asbestos loads must have an EPA Waste Transport Certificate and taken to a specially-assigned area of the Landfill Tipping Face to offload.
  • The commercial asbestos must be double wrapped in packages no more than one-metre high, or in sealed containers no bigger than 200 litres.
  • It must also be delivered in a Ro-Ro bin, not a tip truck so it can be slid on an angle into the landfill, rather than dropped onto the ground.


Please contact us for pricing on the delivery of large items containing asbestos, including boilers and chimneys. These items must be individually quoted before acceptance.

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