Our Landfill Services

Wollert Landfill has an EPA Licence (ES12309) to accept waste. This includes:


Putrescible Waste Waste from homes, councils, commercial and industrial premises, except prescribed industrial waste.
Solid Inert Waste All types.
Asbestos All types, including from buildings or insulation. Please review our Asbestos Handling Requirements.
Contaminated Soil (Category C) Soils contaminated by industrial processes and that are classified as "low level."


Small vehicles carrying household and garden waste are also accepted at our transfer station.


Recycling Services

Our transfer station conducts recycling for a range of objects and materials:


  • Engine oil in domestic quantities (maximum of twenty litres per person)
  • Car batteries
  • Truck and car tyres (charges apply, as tyres must be removed from site)
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic bottles and cans
  • All metals
  • e-Waste
  • Batteries – Household
  • X-Rays
  • Mattressess


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is E-Waste (Electrical items)?


E-waste is any household appliance with a plug, cord or battery. This includes any household electrical items such as televisions, computers, tablets, printers, vacuum cleaners, toasters, hair dryers, video and DVD players, electrical tools or electronic toys.


It is important that E-Waste is recycled properly so that valuable materials are recovered, any potential ignition sources are moved from waste streams. E-Waste is banned from being disposed to landfill.


You can find additional information on E-Waste recycling options at the Whittlesea Council A-Z Waste guide: https://www.whittlesea.vic.gov.au/waste-environment/bins-and-waste/a-z-guide-to-waste-and-recycling/


2. Can I bring carpet to the landfill?


Yes you can bring carpet to the landfill. This is treated as hard waste if you are using a City of Whittlesea Hard Waste voucher.


3. Can I recycle Cardboard at the Transfer Station?


Yes cardboard is accepted from City of Whittlesea householders only.


All cardboard must be completely flattened, all plastic and polystyrene (also known as Thermocol) must be removed prior to arriving on site.


If you have large quantities of cardboard we request you go directly to

Visy 13 Reo Crescent, Campbellfield (7am-7pm daily).


4. Can I bring clean fill to the landfill?


You are able to bring clean fill to the landfill for disposal. Clean fill (i.e. dirt from a garden bed or your backyard) is not green waste. This is treated as hard waste and is a paid disposal product.


5. Is there a reduced disposal fee for green waste?


No, the Wollert landfill is not a green waste recycling facility and there is no reduced fee for this waste. The City of Whittlesea website provides further information on recycling options in the area (https://www.whittlesea.vic.gov.au/waste-environment/bins-and-waste/a-z-guide-to-waste-and-recycling)


6. Can I bring paint to the site for disposal?


No, the Wollert site does not accept paint. The Paintback website provides information on drop off points for waste in your local area (https://www.paintback.com.au)


7. What are your opening times?


Our Trading Hours are:

  • Monday – Friday 7am – 4:45pm (last load must arrive by 4:30pm)
  • Saturdays & Public Holidays (where open) – 7am – 3pm (last load must arrive by 2:45pm)


8. Are you open on Public Holidays?


See below for the opening hours on various public holidays:


Public Holiday Open/Closed?
New Year’s Day (actual) Closed
Australia Day Open 7am to 3pm (Last load must arrive by 2:45pm)
Labour Day Open 7am to 3pm (Last load must arrive by 2:45pm)
Good Friday Closed
Saturday before Easter Sunday Open 7am to 3pm (Last load must arrive by 2:45pm)
Easter Sunday Closed
Easter Monday Open 7am to 3pm (Last load must arrive by 2:45pm)
ANZAC Day Closed
King’s Birthday Open 7am to 3pm (Last load must arrive by 2:45pm)
Friday before the AFL Grand Final Open 7am to 3pm (Last load must arrive by 2:45pm)
Melbourne Cup Open 7am to 3pm (Last load must arrive by 2:45pm)
Christmas Day (actual) Closed
Boxing Day Open 7am to 3pm (Last load must arrive by 2:45pm)
Christmas Day Pub. Hol. (27th Dec ‘22) Open 7am to 3pm (Last load must arrive by 2:45pm)
New Year’s Day Pub. Hol. (2nd Jan ’23) Open 7am to 3pm (Last load must arrive by 2:45pm)



What happens to my recyclables?

At the Wollert site, recyclable materials are transformed into a range of valuable products. For example, mattresses can be recycled into a range of products, including:


  • Mulch or weed matting made from timber bases;
  • Metal roofing made from steel and springs
  • Carpet underlay made from mattress foam; and
  • Acoustic panelling made from recycled textiles.